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Gone Hepsville - Gimme! (CD)
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(Rhythm Bomb) 13 Tracks - Ecopack - They make the news again and they´re the talk of the town - not because of another succesful wild show, but because of the long awaited brand new album! Finally! Here they present 13 brand new songs straight from Hepsville! You will hear the teenage bopper Gimme Gimme with a dazzling high piano hammering, the strongly grooving Brainwasher Boogie going round and round, horn-based swinging Show Me That You Can Rock and really jiving hit Hepsville Jive, an obligatory baritone stroll! Horn At Dawn, bluesy Got No Time and even a dreamy surf instru-mental Just A Little Hepsville Surfbeat with a theremin solo. This is the kind of music that talks directly to your feet and is sure to make you jump, bop and rock! So if you ain´t already on our wave, get aboard now a get gone. Gone Hepsville!

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