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Everest 4/04/04 - Babu Chhiri and WTC, Hörbuch,...
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Joe and Liz are still recovering from a rough bout with giardia, but thanks to some good medical care and antibiotics, they have been able to push forward another 2,000 feet. Joe says today was the hardest one yet. As they climbed from Dingboche (14,450ft) to Lobuche (15,700ft), he says he´s been coping with doubts about whether they would make it. Joe says he´s been feeling emotional and, in this dispatch, talks about his thoughts of all the people who died in the World Trade Center. Also, in this dispatch, Joe and Liz visit a memorial shrine to Babu Chhiri, who established himself as one of the most accomplished sherpas. Babu Chhiri died on Everest in 2001. He was 35 and left behind a wife and six daughters. Joe says he wants you, dear listener, to learn about the Babu Chhiri Sherpa Memorial Educational Trust, which Babu Chhiri established to ensure his children would get a better education than he was given growing up in Nepal. Finally, Joe says he´s had the Rolling Stones´ song, ´´Gimme Shelter´´ going through his head. You can send new song suggestions to 1. Language: English. Narrator: Joe Hughes, Liz Pace. Audio sample: Digital audiobook in aax.

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